Posted 3 years ago

PLATINE11: Contemporary Game-Art Exhibition

BACKUP11-Platine Gameart Festival

August 2011 there will be the second edition of the Platine-Festival. Is is a small scale, decentral organized, but really great festival upon contemporary game-art. The exhibition…

Posted 3 years ago

Thor – Bring the Thunder

thor pixel game

People who love pixels, should check out the game Thor, published by Marvel. It’s a pretty much straightforward platformer, with a nice and colorful pixel-style. Read more about the…

Posted 3 years ago

Monocle 2D-GameEngine

Still fresh but enormously promising is the Monocle GameEngine – an open source project, that makes creation and editing of 2d-games real fun. Most communication about the project takes…

Posted 3 years ago

Some Demos from the REVISION2011 (Demoscene)

Unfortunately I missed the REVISION2011 demoparty in Saarbrücken, the more or less inofficial successor of the BreakPoint-Party, that took place in Bingen before always at the Eastern days. Here…

Posted 3 years ago

One Single Life iOS

One Single Life is a concept game by Fresh Tone Games. The game mechanics are similar to Canabalt, but there is a special twist, that games usually tend to avoid: You only got one…

Posted 3 years ago

HiScore Pixeleditor Tutorial

There is freshly available a small video-introduction of the HiScore Pixeleditor, I just post here as well. It shows the basic workflow of the HiScore Pixeleditor. Especially the fast way…

Posted 3 years ago

Mapping VJ-Festival 2011 announced

Mapping Festival

The Swiss Mapping Festival for VJing and visual culture will start again this year an may. The festival has its doors open at 10 days (!) – you can visit Mapping in Geneva / Switzerland…

Posted 3 years ago

HiScore Pixeleditor for iPhone and iPod

HiScore Pixeleditor iPhone iPod HiScore Pixeleditor iPhone iPod

The HiScore Pixeleditor for iPhone and iPod Touch is finally available on the AppStore. It is a neat tool for “pixeling on the go” that not only has nice sound-effects, but…

Posted 3 years ago

Amaze: PLAY MONEY Talk

Finally here is a cut of the latest Amaze Games Culture Circle from Berlin. The topic is about Money and Games – and how they possibly can interact. A really…

Posted 3 years ago

Kosmoraum: 4 Netlabels-joined for a Yuri Gagarin Tribute


Kosmoraum is the name of a special compilation, that is is tribute to the first man-flight into space, done by Yuri Gagarin, almost exactly 50 years ago. Four netlabels and two…